AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall Current Member

AOL desktop gold is all in one desktop software comprising of features like email, search content, web browsing, entertainment, etc.  The latest version of AOL desktop gold supports better features than the previous one.  Laced with the two-step encryption and premium security features,  the software is secure to use.  If you’re currently using the AOL services and want AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall Current Member on another device,  you can do this with some simple instructions. There could be a number of possible reasons due to which you may need to re-install the software.  In this post,  we will be sharing some people guidelines that will help you with AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall Current Member on your  Windows and Mac device.

When do you need to Re-install the AOL Desktop Gold?

For instance,  when you format the desktop, you eventually lose all the installed applications and programs in your device. Thus, you need to reinstall the  AOL desktop gold.  Sometimes, because of the improper installation of the software, you are not able to use the services and need AOL desktop gold re-install for the device.

Internet threats like viruses and malware could also be the reason that your device stops working.  Your software may become corrupted and you need to re-install it again.

AOL desktop gold reinstall: Complete Process

Basic Requirments

To complete AOL desktop gold reinstall on your device, you have to make sure that your system fulfills all the basic requirements for software re-installation.  For instance,  if your system is running on  Windows 7 operating system, you must have at least 512 MB  Hard Disk space to download the  AOL. Here are some basic requirements that your device must fulfill to download the software:

  • RAM space  1GB.

  • Internet connection.

  • 266 MHz system processor or better.

  • Updated web browser.

  • 1024X768  screen resolution or better.

  • 512 MB or more Hard Drive Storage Space

How to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold?

For AOL Advantage Plan Members

If you have AOL Advantage Plan, you do not need to pay any additional charges to reinstall the software.  The following are the instructions you can follow for AOL Gold re-installation on your device.

  • Visit the AOL website.

  • Login in to your account.

  • Go to the ‘My Benefit’ section.

  • Click ‘All products’.

  • Click ‘AOL Desktop Gold’.

  • Hit the Download button.

  • Save the installer file and follow the installation guidelines to complete the process.

For AOL Desktop Gold Trial Users

If you have signed up for the AOL trial,  here is what you need to reinstall the software on your device.  Just make sure, the trial period is not expired:

  • Launch any web browser on your device.

  • Go to the AOL  website.

  • Sign in to your email account.

  • Visit the ‘My Account’  web page.

  • Click on the ‘My Services’  option.

  • Click on the ‘Subscription’  option.

  • Find the AOL Desktop Gold option.

  • Hit the ‘Get Started’ button.

  • Follow the onscreen structures and complete the process.

For AOL Desktop Gold Susbcriber

If you have an AOL desktop gold subscription,  you have to download the installer file for software re-installation.  Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the web browser, and visit your AOL account.

  • Click ‘My Account’.

  • Choose ‘My Services’ drop-down and select the ‘Subscription’ from the given options.

  • Locate AOL Gold.

  • Hit the ‘Get Started’ button.

  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the process.

Re-install the software using AOL Confirmation Mail Link

You might have received the  AOL desktop gold download link on your email account.  Check the confirmation email and use it for AOL desktop gold reinstall current member on your device.

  • Visit the AOL website.

  • Hit the login button.

  • Enter the details like your email account and password.

  • Sign in to your email account.

  • Check the inbox and find an email with the subject ‘Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold.’

  • Click on the download link in an email.

  • Download the file and go to the folder where you want to save it.

  • Now follow the installation guidelines and complete the process.

So these are some simple steps that can help you to complete AOL desktop gold reinstall current member on your device.  All the mentioned guidelines are simple and very easy to execute. But, if you are unable to complete the software re-installation on your device, we recommend you contact the experts and take their advice to find and fix the problem.